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  • June 30 Sunday Dedication of our Shire to the Blessed Mother Council Entrance in Memory of PGK Antonio Vitalino immediately after 12 pm Mass at St. Joseph’s Church (repast following ceremony) Evening – Member’s Lounge – Passing of the Gavel
  • July 4 Thursday Independence Day
  • July 5 Friday Karaoke Good Times Bar 8pm
  • July 7 Sunday Vet’s Home Stoney Brook
  • July 10 Wednesday Calendar Meeting 7:30pm
  • Karaoke Flanagan’s 7pm
  • July 13 Saturday Karaoke Shenanigans 7pm
  • July 14 Sunday Memorial Mass St Joseph 9am
  • July 17 Wednesday Business Meeting 7:30pm
  • Karaoke Ristegio’s 7pm
  • July 23 Tuesday Karaoke Clarion Hotel 7pm
  • August 1 Thursday Karaoke Eleanor’s Lounge 7pm
  • August 2 Friday Karaoke Katie’s Bar 7pm

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Revision: SLB12 6/24/19