Make certain to mark your calendars for these upcoming events:


  • November 1   Thursday                          All Saints Day
  • November 3   Sunday                             Columbiettes Family Bowling
  • November 4   Monday                           Officers Meeting
  • November 5   Tuesday                           Election Day get out and Vote
  • November 6   Wednesday                       Business meeting 8pm
  • November 9-10 Saturday-Sunday               Knights bake sale at St Joseph church masses
  • November 17 Sunday                              Memorial Mass St Joseph Church 9am
  • November 20 Wednesday                       Mass at 8pm
  • November 21 Thursday                          State Conference meeting 7pm
  • November 28 Thursday                          Thanksgiving Day Council closed
  • November 29 Friday                              Decorating the council





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Revision: SLB17 10/31/19