November 2020

Good and Welfare
Hi everybody, hope all is well with you and your loved ones. So far so good. The Columbiettes members
are all healthy and safe from Coronavirus as far as I know.
We have good news, Pat Mc Quaid and Curine Young are feeling better day after day. The ladies are
recovering so quick from their surgery. Let’s continue our prayers for their steadfast and fully recovery.
Our deep sympathy to Rita Devlin’s and her family, Patrick her brother passed away.
As I mentioned in the meeting we are not sending birthday cards to the members, only sympathy and
get well soon cards. If you know of any member and their family in need of a card and prayers please let
me know.
My special thanks to Rosemarie McMenamin for helping me with the Good and Welfare, by giving me
information on whom to send sympathy cards and get well soon cards, etc. I really appreciate your help.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. We know this year has been rough, but we see your strength and wish you all
the best this thanksgiving. God bless us all
Vice President
Emily B. Harris